Reiki for German Shepherd

German Shepherd is my dream dog. If I were to own a dog ever, I’d like to have a German Shepherd. So when these 2 new friends told me today about their German Shepherd (Bruno) being so sick, I couldn’t resist offering some Reiki for their dog.

German Shepherd
Less than 4 years old

People are so skeptical about alternate healing systems that I normally don’t even mention that I am a Reiki channel, especially to those I’m not well acquainted with. But when it comes to plants, animals, birds and babies, I make an exception. And this was a German Shepherd… who has been sick for about a month now, and from what they told me, it seemed a bit serious.

They weren’t very coherent and I am not a medical person. So the only things that registered were “106 degrees recurring fever”, “1 month”, and some sort of “fit” earlier today, in which “his heart stopped beating” and “tongue lolled out”. But as they were at the vet’s car parking when that “fit” happened (just returning from a blood test), he immediately received medical help and his heartbeat was restored.

Based on that description, I came to the conclusion that perhaps he was seriously ill. So I tentatively offered Reiki. They were desperate and were ready to try anything.

I started my session for Bruno at 8:47 pm today, and the energy flow didn’t stop till 9:20 pm. Actually, it didn’t stop even then… it just reduced a bit… but I was getting late for dinner. So I ended the session at 9:20 pm. When I opened my eyes after the session, I noticed that my palms were absolutely red. The Reiki flow had been excellent throughout the session. After the session, one of those girls called me to give feedback. This is what she told me…

Bruno had been unable to eat on his own during the last month. They had been feeding him by hand, and even then, he was very reluctant to eat. His legs were weak, he was unable to put his weight on them, and he had pain/discomfort in the tailbone area. After today’s Reiki session, he just got up on his own and and ate his food… ALL of it. Then he asked to be taken out, walking more steadily than before, and passed watery stool.

I have asked them to tell me tomorrow about his sleep tonight. Will be giving him another Reiki session in the morning.

Update to this post HERE.

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