Book Review: Practical Approach To Reiki by Chetan Chhugani



Practical Approach To Reiki
Author: Chetan Chhugani
ISBN: 978-8120724549


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Over the years, I have read many training manuals and books on Reiki, both in print and as pdfs. Practical Approach To Reiki, by Chetan Chhugani, is perhaps the simplest reading material I’ve come across on this subject. A pocket book (sized roughly 4 inches by 5 inches) with 159 pages, it is the most concise, yet comprehensive, Reiki manual… from Usui Reiki 1 to 3B (Teachership).


My Reiki teacher in Jaipur had a photocopy of this book that she gave me to read and copy, if I liked it. She had got that photocopy from someone long time ago and had no idea where she could buy it. She had been giving it to all of her students to make copies, ‘coz it’s such a good book. By the time I received her copy, it was in a badly tattered state with a couple of pages missing. I was really disappointed ‘coz the book has some very useful information presented in very clear and concise manner. Just for the heck of it, I decided to look it up on flipkart… and I found it! And only for Rs. 50! Getting it photocopied would have cost me 40 bucks! I immediately called up my Reiki teacher and asked her if I should order one for her too. She said yes. Eventually, I’ve bought 4 copies of this book from flipkart so far (for different people).

From the introduction and history of Reiki, to Crystal Grids and Psychic Surgery, this little book covers everything. Hand positions, Usui symbols and their uses, distance healing, group healing, holistic concept of healing, advance programming with Reiki, general treatment guides for various diseases, Reiki meditation, chakras, colors, common myths regarding Reiki, setting up one’s own Reiki healing/teaching practice… like I said, Practical Approach To Reiki is a complete manual. It even has an extra set of 15 non-Usui symbols that I had seen before, but didn’t know exactly what they were for. I especially liked the sections on chakras, symbols and colors. Would like to share some excerpts from the chapter on chakras from this book:

1. Survival.
2. Stability.
3. Will-power (self-confidence, self-love).
4. Relationships (love).
5. Expression (of ideas and emotions).
6. Intellect (ideas, imagination).
7. Spirituality (intuition, guidance, belief in some divine energy).
These are the seven general categories that our life is made up of.
… or the seven main life issues, each governed by one of the seven main chakras in the human body.
To keep our body healthy, we not only need to feed it with food, water and oxygen but also with emotional energy.
A block in a chakra means nothing but that because of some reason, there is no healthy exchange of energy through this chakra.
Can you make it any more simpler than that? I’ve read huge books on chakras, but never came across such a clear and simple explanation of how they get blocked in the first place!


My rating: 4.5 out of 5. Practical Approach To Reiki, by Chetan Chhugani, contains no hocus-focus about Reiki. As the name of the book says, it really is a practical approach to Reiki. I will highly recommend this book to all Reiki initiates. In fact, I would even recommend Reiki teachers to give this book to their students as the official ‘Reiki manual’ with their course!

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  1. Thank you for the review, positive feedback and recommendations for my book. I just hope it would not be "out of stock" so frequently with the online stores.
    That was the aim for writing the book – anyone, anywhere in the world, who wanted to know about or demistify their knowledge on Reiki , would find all the answers in this book. After reading various reviews for my book, I am glad it did this job very well.
    Thank you once again.
    Chetan Chhugani.


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