4 Basic Concepts of Reiki For New Reiki Healers

New Reiki healers often have a lot of questions regarding what to do and what not to do in their Reiki sessions.

In this article, I have discussed the 4 main concepts in Reiki that every new Reiki initiate/healer must remember.

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These 4 concepts are the cornerstones of the Reiki system of healing. If we remember them, then we will also be able to answer many other questions that creep into our minds as we continue with out Reiki practice.

Four important concepts regarding the working of Reiki:

  1. Reiki can never do damage in any way. There can never be an “overdose” of Reiki, since it only flows in the quantities necessary for the recipient. You can never use Reiki for any harmful intent, because Reiki is wise energy. It knows and works for the highest good of the recipient.(Suggested reading: How does Reiki work?)
  2. Reiki is able to find its own way to the area in need of treatment or healing, in the recipient’s body. So you don’t need to have knowledge of the human physiological/biological system in order to give Reiki treatments.
  3. Reiki is NEVER GIVEN – it is ALWAYS DRAWN. The recipient’s body decides how much energy it needs at that time, and draws only that much amount of energy. If it doesn’t need Reiki, it doesn’t draw any.
  4. Reiki is not only “curative” in nature, but also “preventive”. So you don’t need to wait for things to go wrong before you can start doing Reiki.(Suggested reading: Benefits of Reiki)
Once you grasp these four basic concepts of Reiki, a lot of Reiki myths will dissolve and a lot of doubts regarding how to use Reiki will disappear. These four basic concepts of Reiki are applied in every Reiki session, be it a hands-on session or remote healing session. Absorbing these four concepts of Reiki fully in your Reiki practice will make you a more confident Reiki healer.

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