How to learn Reiki?

"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." - Albert Einstein

Reiki is a very simple technique when it comes to application. There is no intellectual process involved in learning it. Thus, even children can learn it.

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Learning Reiki consists of receiving attunements from recognized Reiki Grandmasters who have been trained in Dr. Usui's method.

How to learn Reiki?

In Usui Reiki, the teaching process involves several steps, which are now known as 'Degrees'.
  • The First Degree will enable you to transfer Reiki to yourself and others by "touch-therapy", that is, by placing your hands on the recipient's affected area. It can usually be learned in a full-day class, where the student receives a permanent attunement to the Reiki energy. Some Reiki teachers prefer to conduct this class over 2 consecutive days instead of one. Anybody aged 8 years or above is eligible.

  • The Second Degree Reiki grants you greater flexibility, while increasing the effectiveness of treatment to a considerable extent. It also enables you to send treatments across distances now (absentee healing). You are taught the three Usui Reiki Symbols in this 2-days workshop. You must have completed 21 days after the First Degree to be eligible.

  • Then comes the A.R.T. (Advanced Reiki Training) Degree of Reiki, commonly known as Level 3A. The effectiveness of Reiki healings increases many times over after receiving this Degree. You also learn the Usui Reiki Master Symbol. You must have completed at least 6 months after the Second Degree to be eligible.

After these three Reiki Healer levels, there are two Reiki Teacher levels.
  • Reiki Master/Teacher Level, after which you will be able to give First & Second Degree attunements. Attaining this level is upon the sole discretion of the Reiki Teacher. Candidates are initiated only on the basis of their aptitude and energy levels.

  • Reiki Grandmaster Level, after which you will be able to initiate other Reiki Masters and Grandmasters. Once again, attaining this level is also upon the sole discretion of the Reiki Teacher. Candidates are initiated only on the basis of their aptitude and energy levels.
Some Reiki teachers prefer to combine these two Mastership levels into a single Grandmaster Level. Both are okay.

It must be noted here that Reiki is not affiliated to any particular religion. Nor does it require belief in the Reiki system to be effective. It is available to anyone who wishes to learn it.

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Also, Reiki cannot be learnt by books or CDs or DVDs. People interested in learning this ancient art of healing must get "initiated" into the Reiki system, by going through the series of attunements as outlined above.

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