Nichiren Buddhism: Journal 3

It's been over an year since I last updated my Nichiren Buddhism Journal. A lot has happened in the past one year... both good and bad. My life has changed completely, you can say.

I will write more about it later, but one thing I do want to record now, in this journal, is the support I received from the Soka Gakkai community here, i.e. the local BSG group (Indian wing of SGI).

My Experiences with the Local SGI Community

Apparently, once you join the Nichiren Buddhism community, it becomes like your family. All the members go out of their way to support you and encourage you.

  • They chant for you when you are in trouble.
  • They visit you at home when you can't make it to their official meetings.
  • They lend you books to read and send motivating messages to you on your mobile phone.
  • Even the senior members are ready to take time out from their busy schedules, to guide you and counsel you.
And they are all so brimming with hope and energy! It is truly a heart-warming experience.

I'm officially not a member of their community anymore, but I'm still so grateful for all the support I received from them last year. I have a feeling that once I'm done picking up all the pieces of my life and putting them back in order, I will rejoin. In the meantime, I've got to get back into chanting.

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