Nichiren Buddhism: Journal 2

I have been unable to keep up daily practice of the morning and evening Gongyo, but I have tried to do some chanting every day through June. If not for too long, then at least a 5-minute session. I usually do the chanting before starting my nightly Reiki session, as it gives a boost to the Reiki flow. (Refer to Nichiren Buddhism: Journal 1.)

I did try one new experiment this month.

Diamoku With Reiki

During a Reiki session, after making the symbols at any point, I chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for about a minute or so (or as per my intuitive guidance). I observed that it not only increased the Reiki flow, but also assisted in remaining detached from the desired outcome, resulting in a more powerful and quicker Reiki session.

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At some points, the flow of energy peaked and then I felt guided to move to the next point even before the one minute of chanting was complete! At some other points, I was guided to stay a little longer and repeat the periodic chanting, while continuing to send healing.

I will continue to do the chanting along with my Reiki sessions.

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